Top 5 Benefits Of HubSpot’s Marketing Software

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HubSpot Marketing Software

Top 5 Benefits Of HubSpot’s Marketing Software

HubSpot provides an excellent free CRM and Sales Software. However, they also provide an excellent marketing software suite with a range of tools for your business to succeed online. That’s why we compiled this list in order to answer the question, “What are the top 10 benefits of HubSpot’s Marketing Software?”

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Email Campaigns
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Social Media
  5. Blogging

1. Hubspot’s Landing Pages

Generate Professional Landing Pages In Minutes

One of the excellent features of having HubSpot’s Marketing Software is that you have access to a library of template landing pages that are easy to create, modify, and publish at your fingertips. These template landing pages are mobile-optimized and have been proven to generate conversions.

If you are more hands-on, you can create your own landing page designs with their powerful but easy-to-use editor. The HubSpot Landing Page editor lets you add images, text, and forms in a matter of minutes. You can use the preview option to see how it appears across different devices before publishing as well.

Create A Personalized Experience

How would you like to give a custom experience to your landing page visitor based on their location, device, source, buying stage, or other contact details? Well, HubSpot’s Marketing Software lets you do just that. Really target your customer and deliver the right message at the right time.

Landing Page Analysis

The Landing Page dashboard in HubSpot’s Marketing Software allows you to view how each landing page performed. You can see the visits, contact, and customers that each landing page is producing and make informed marketing decisions based on the results. The Landing Page dashboard helps you perfect your strategy by offering keyword suggestions. You can also use the split-test tool to test landing page variations in order to see what works the best to turn your prospects into customers.

2. HubSpot’s Email Campaigns

Build Simple Professional Email Campaigns

There’s no need for IT specialists to build professional-looking email campaigns with HubSpot’s user-friendly email campaign builder. You can build re-usable campaign templates or pick from historically proven and editable HubSpot templates in their marketplace. Use the drag and drop editor to create the right look and it is guaranteed to look how you built it on all devices.

Increase Opens With Personalized Messaging

The contact information you have developed allows you to give a personal message to your subscriber based on a number of variables and stages or processes they are in. Create campaigns that will deliver personalized emails with the right messages, links, and CTA’s.

HubSpot Marketing Email A/B Testing

The Email Analytics page allows you to discover insights into which emails and campaigns are producing the right results and which ones need some work. The A/B testing tool delivers the ability to directly test different targeting and messaging.

3. HubSpot Marketing Automation

Automate Your Email Drip

You can set in motion email drip campaigns that will set the users into specific funnels based on triggers, conditions, and actions that you can easily build on your own through the user-friendly interface. You can build workflows based on specific conversions that you want to happen and monitor their progress.

Personalize The Messaging

Since it is fully integrated with your HubSpot CRM, you can manage your workflows to include many variables so that you can personalize your messaging and triggers based on specific criteria from your contacts.

You can even create a create a multi-stage workflow based on user interactions or contact details or CRM. Use in-depth targeting with segments to initiate workflows and deliver unique and specific messaging.

Automate Tasks With HubSpot Marketing

Workflows allow you to automate simple tasks and notification systems when a user takes a notable action. You can automate lead scoring, manage updates, email notifications updates, and so much more.

4. HubSpot Marketing Social Media

Share To Your Social Media Networks

Use the power of social media to power your marketing efforts. You can deliver your social messaging from one place or you can schedule it to post on specific days at specific times. You can connect Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to reach your social audience at the right time.

Social Mention Monitor

HubSpot allows you the ability to monitor when there someone mentions your business and prioritize people in your database. You can also trigger emails when specific people respond or when people respond to specific hashtags or keywords.

Social Media Analytics

Know what social channels are producing conversions and getting attention for your business with social media analytics that integrate directly with your CRM. See what posts, platforms, times, or campaigns drive the results that your business cares about.

5. HubSpot Marketing Blogging Platform

Create Compelling Content

The HubSpot blogging editor allows you to add text, images, headers, and much more to make compelling blog posts you can share via social, newsletter, or so on. HubSpot also has blueprint templates that you can chose from and options to add comments and feedback, and collaboration functions.

Convert Blog Readers

HubSpot allows you to generate search engine friendly content with SEO and keyword suggestions that will help your content rank better in the search engines. You can create custom strategies and CTA’s to turn readers into customers.

Schedule & Analyze Content Performance

You can connect your blog to your social media accounts and schedule it to post on your blog and across the social networks at the peak times to engage your audience. You can also send out notices to people that are signed up to your newsletter about your new blog and use analytics to optimize your campaigns and efforts.


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